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Buyers and Sellers of San Diego Should Be Wary of the Zestimate

Search homes for sale on the local MLS | Get a free home valuation   Like most people in today’s age, you’ve probably used technology at some point to look up the value of your home or one you’re interested in buying. More than likely you’ve also heard of or used the website Zillow and […]

Why Andrew Has Already Recommended Greg Flaherty

“Way back in February of this year, I was looking for a place to buy, specifically a condo. Myself and my dad were looking around online, we found a couple properties, we found one that we really liked and there were already a couple offers put in on it. So we wanted to get an […]

Why Everett Wouldn’t Hesitate to Recommend Greg Flaherty

“Greg Flaherty was first recommended as a Realtor company that could manage the condo that I bought in about 2006 in San Diego. I bought a condominium and then I was looking for somebody to manage it. It was the Realtor that I was dealing with at the time to purchase the condo that made […]

Does Buying or Renting Make More Sense in San Diego?

Search homes for sale on the local MLS | Get a free home valuation   Is it better to buy or rent a property in San Diego? Like most things in life, it depends on your perspective. Most Realtors will say it’s better to buy because it will get them your business, while most property […]