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Pricing Your Home for Sale in Pacific Beach

When you decide to sell your Pacific Beach home, you will need to make a number of decisions.  Very likely your goal is to maximize your sales price while minimizing your stress.  Pricing your home to sell is a pivotal step.  There are a number of factors to consider when pricing a home including recent […]

PB vs Mission Beach: Sisters, not twins….

Pacific Beach, or “PB” as locals would call it, and Mission Beach are both central beach communities in the City of San Diego, sharing the zip code of 92109. They are sandwiched between their refined brother, La Jolla, to the North and eclectic brother, Ocean Beach, to the South. The close cousin neighborhoods of Clairemont, Bayho, […]

Building the Perfect Home Theatre Room

There’s no standard system that provides entertainment “perfection” right out of the box. The perfect home theater is a personal system design. Some homeowners like big speakers that make the floor rumble; some like big screens that fill up the entire wall. Others just want audio and visual clarity so nothing looks blurry. There are […]

Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Today luxury homes HAVE to have granite or similar natural stone on kitchen surfaces. High-end buyers expect it. Natural stone is nature’s timeless art. It lends strength to its surrounding by evoking a classic and unique feeling. It invites luxury into your home and yet is extremely affordable. Granite is an extremely tough, durable material […]